Tips: Tilting & Swiping Game using AMIDuOS

If you have problem with Input Mapper in AMIDuOS when playing Tilting or swiping game like Temple Run, you can try enabling Gesture Support as alternatif keyboard keys to play the game. By default AMIDuOS supports specific keys for various gesture operations in applications. They are :

Up arrow – Swipe Up
Down arrow – Swipe Down
Left arrow – Swipe Left
Right arrow – Swipe Right
a – Tilt Left
d – Tilt Right
w – Tilt Up
s – Tilt Down
i – Zoom in
o – Zoom out
Delete – Tap anywhere

How to activate Gesture Support

1. Open the game in AMIDuOS
2. After game loading Prest ctrl+alt+t in your keyboard
3. There will be notification Gesture Support Enabled

And now you can swipe and tilting in your game.

Don’t forget to disable again, press ctrl+alt+t, after you finish the game to allow the keys for typing.


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