Mudahnya Cari Film Bagus dengan Movieo

Aha… ini dia website bagus untuk mencari movie terbaik berdasarkan rating IMDB, Movieo. Dan yang jadi nilai plus nya adalah tidak ada nya iklan di website ini (mungkin belum ya..). Mungkin kalau ada fitur live streaming boleh juga 😀 tapi developernya bilang kalau fitur tersebut terlalu beresiko #if you know what i mean.

Jon Negroni

movieoAbout | Movieo:

This is a place for discovering movies. Made by a couple of friends for fun – as a side project.

We love movies but finding new ones is usually a hassle. We searched for a nicely designed and simple interface for movie browsing but we didn’t find one. So we made one ourselves.

There’s no ads, no annoying popups, no catch – it’s free. We’ll keep improving it as time passes. For now we’d appreciate your feedback. Criticism and praise are both welcome.

This website is seriously worth your time. At its base level, it offers you a chance to stream excellent movie trailers without popups and ads by hosting from a YouTube channel.

But it also features a search function that lets you find new movies that you’ll like, complete with review scores that hover with the description. Fun idea.

Check it out and see for yourself:

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