Firefox 3.6 Udah Direlease

firefox logo

Buat pecinta firefox, browser si rubah merah, sekarang Firefox 3.6 udah direlease akhir januari yang lalu. *wah ngeblognya telat . hehe :mrgreen: *. Waktu ngecheck di blog nya ada beberapa fitur unggulan di versi 3.6 selain performance yang semakin cepat.

Below are some of the coolest features of Firefox 3.6:
Personas: Personalize the look of your Firefox by selecting new themes called Personas in a single click and without a restart
Plugin Updater: To keep you safe from potential security vulnerabilities, Firefox will now detect out of date plugins
Stability improvements: Firefox 3.6 significantly decreased crashes caused by third party software – all without sacrificing our extensibility in any way
Form Complete: When filling out an online form, Firefox suggests information for fields based on your common answers in similar field
Performance: Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness, and startup time
Open Video and Audio: With the world’s best implementation of HTML 5 audio and video support, now video can be displayed full screen and supports poster frames

Terus terang saya belum sempat test FF versi baru ini 😉 . Masih pakai Firefox 3.5. Tapi, kalau ada waktu luang pasti akan coba.

Btw, Kalau mau test tapi masih ragu dengan compatibilitasnya terhadap plugin favorite kamu, coba aja buat profile baru untuk FF versi ini. Untuk tutorialnya bisa liat di blognya mas alhakim menjalankan firefox secara paralel

Untuk downloadnya bisa langsung ke TKP nya Download Firefox 3.6


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