New WordPress Theme : Motion

wordpress theme motion

Hi Guys, released new wordpress theme named Motion, It’s nice and colorful theme. And the interesting feature is the menu shows both categories and pages, in separate locations, allowing your visitors to choose how they’d like to navigate your site. Hmm... this theme very tempting for me 😉

May be I’ll give it a try some day. But at this time I’m happy with my current blog theme. What do you thinking with this theme? 😉

more info about motion theme


3 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme : Motion

  1. I really loved your theme and I’m seriously thinking about using it for my blog. However, I’m creating a logo for it and I wanted to put it next to it’s name. Is it possible to add the logo on the theme you created? How can I do that?

    Thanks for everything!

  2. I like the theme!! its great! I like how the background image can be changed at will to give you the sence of change to something new and completely different from one user to the next.

    With your theme, I can sustain my habbit of periodically chaging the look of the blog, without actually changing the theme (just change background).

    I’ll be camping in your theme for quite a while I think.


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